Sunday, 5 August 2012

Kitchen designs:IKEA Kitchen Designs 2013

Kitchen designs

IKEA always surprises us with its beautiful furniture that is loved by everyone. IKEA takes care of every woman, and since we all know how the food is very important for all women, IKEA has beautiful kitchen designs for 2013, which are all great, and the woman will simply love to stay in her kitchen. IKEA kitchens will even make love all the family helping in the kitchen. IKEA designs are very simple, but catchy, and they do everything to remove all the furniture easy to use and functional. If your kitchen space allows, you can add cabinets against the wall, and a kitchen island in the center of the kitchen which has a counter where the chairs are the extension added to a small room food for quick meals in the kitchen. Lamps hanging just above the kitchen island to make it really easy to see all tuffs easily by different cooking activities or cutting and more.
Adding built-in appliances is a very clever idea that is also modern, this idea can save a lot of space and gives a call for the professional kitchen. If you have a small space in the kitchen, then you can add a folding table which is also, took place when needed and in this way, it does not take much space, while being very useful in the same time. Shelves hung against the wall above the cabinets is a great idea that gives you extra storage space to put Kitchenware, for example, and make them easy to find and reach. IKEA also has an idea for large kitchens, where a full dining set is added containing a black dining table and some chairs for a comfortable family dinner in the kitchen. Finally, IKEA has not forgotten about the colors, you can see different colors of this collection in 2013, like black, red, white, and more.

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